Tuesday 27 November 2012


Here is another one of my Harry Potter drawings - this time it is Ginny Weasley. She was pretty fun to draw and I think she always had lovely hairstyles in the films, this one is particularly inspired by The Chamber of Secrets. Thanks for all of your comments on my recent posts, I really enjoy reading all of your feedback. 


Monday 26 November 2012


This is just something fun inspired by Princess Aurora's tiara in Sleeping Beauty. I really like using card and paper for the backgrounds lately. I added a heart like I do on the majority of my drawings lately - I like there to be a little continuity. 

Sunday 25 November 2012


Hermione is probably one of my favourite Harry Potter characters. This illustration is particularly inspired by Emma Watson in the Half Blood Prince. I hope you all like it, and if you have any characters you would like me to draw then feel free to leave a comment. 


Saturday 17 November 2012


This is just something fun I finished a few days ago. The band is completely made up (as far as I know) but I thought it would be pretty cute! 


Wednesday 7 November 2012

Fleece Bunny

I have no idea where the inspiration for this one came from, I just really like rabbit's lately it seems. I decided to throw a few carrots in there as well!