Wednesday 30 December 2015

Free Printable: January Calendar

So, 2016 is just a few days away which means it's calendar time! I've decided that the new calendars will be based on the subject of 'Bears' and I've already got lots of my illustrations planned out - I really hope you'll like them! January's bear is a giant, cuddly Panda. Feel free to print the calendar out or use it as your lock screen - whatever you like. 

C xxx

Monday 28 December 2015

Illo Advent

Here's a recap of some of my illustrated advent images, just in case you didn't catch them on Twitter! 

I hope you all had a brilliant festive period. What did you get up to? ♥

C xxx

Friday 25 December 2015

Deer in the Forest

Here is the very last Colour Collective image of the year! The chosen colour was 'White', which was such a perfect colour to finish on. CC is currently on a break until next year, but I'm really excited to get back to it and start afresh. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas day! 

C xxx

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Partridge & Pear Trees

This is one of the last Christmas images for the illustrated advent and I wanted to create a more modern take on the traditional Christmas imagery. I really hope you've enjoyed these festive illustrations, it's certainly been challenging to create so many throughout the month! I'd definitely like to do this next year though, it's been more than worth it. 

C xxx

Monday 21 December 2015

The Christmas Stag

My boyfriend said that this stag looks like he would be the leader of all the reindeers, and would help to train them up in time for Christmas!

C xxx

Friday 18 December 2015


Here is last week's Colour Collective! The chosen colour was 'Myrtle Green' which instantly made me think of a pretty woodland! I promised I had a couple more deer to share, there's one more to go!

C xxx

Wednesday 16 December 2015


Meet this plump, retro robin. Robin's immediately make me think of Christmas time and jolly festivities! I hope you like this little one.

C xxx

Monday 14 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

This little penguin is really getting into the Christmas spirit in his adorable Christmas tree get up! 

C xxx

Friday 11 December 2015

Gingerbread House

Here is last week's Colour Collective illustration based on the colour 'Cadmium Red'. I thought this warranted a nice, festive illustration so I chose to design a little gingerbread house with colourful icing! What Christmas treats are you most looking forward to eating?

C xxx

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Autumn Deer

I should have probably posted this a little earlier as it's not strictly 'Christmassy' but it is a deer, so it's still okay I hope? I've gone a little deer mad because I still have two others to share! 

C xxx

Monday 7 December 2015

Jolly Dala Horse

I've illustrated a couple of Dala Horses now, and I thought they'd be the ideal candidate to be transformed into a festive figurine adorned with snowflakes and holly leaves. 

What animals do you most associate with the holiday period?

C xxx

Friday 4 December 2015

The Snowman

Another very Christmassy illustration to share today! This was last week's Colour Collective piece based on the colour 'Silver'. The Snowman is such a classic story; it popped into my head right away when I saw the colour choice. I'm pretty happy with how this poster/book cover turned out, I just love The Snowman's happy face!

C xxx

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Snow Angel

I feel like this angel could be friends with Lush's 'Snow Fairy' in all her pastel goodness! 

C xxx

Monday 30 November 2015

Free Printable: December Calendar

Here is December's free calendar just in time for the holiday season! Feel free to print it off or use it as your lock screen! 

C xxx

Friday 27 November 2015

Black Bunny

Here is last week's Colour Collective based on the colour 'Duck Egg Blue'. I felt like doing something really simple so I decided to draw a cute, little bunny's face with a heart nose! 

C xxx

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Wild Bears

These little brown bears are curling up to shelter from the elements. They could do with a cosy den! 

C xxx

Monday 23 November 2015


Just a couple of cute, folksy wolves booping noses! 

C xxx

Friday 20 November 2015

Ice Princess

This is last week's Colour Collective piece! It was based on the colour 'Rose Quartz' so I wanted to create a really cool palette and decided upon drawing a wintery ice princess. 

C xxx

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Cosmic Empress

A little while ago I illustrated a celestial kitten for Colour Collective, but I thought she could do with a friend, so I created a cosmic empress to accompany her! Again, I've looked towards Ancient Egypt for inspiration; and now we have this cool lady overseeing the galaxy! 

C xxx

Monday 16 November 2015


A little while ago I took part in The Olive Fox's launch giveaway and offered one of the prizes, in the form of a digital illustration! The prize was won by a lovely lady called Mayumi, who actually wanted an illustration of her friend, Joel, to give as a gift. Joel plays violin and mandolin in a folk band, and also loves beer, so Mayumi asked if these elements could be included somehow! I suggested adding a folksy inspired background and a short while later the illustration was ready to be sent. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and I hope that Joel liked it too! 

C xxx

Friday 13 November 2015

Cat & Mouse

This is the illustration I made for last week's 'Colour Collective'. The chosen colour was 'Green Gold' which I thought was really pretty and unusual. I tried making an illustration with a super limited palette because I thought it might be a tricky colour to use but I think it turned out fine! 

C xxx

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Jungle Cubs

These little cubs have lots of fun playing in the jungle with their other animal friends, including a toucan and a baby gorilla!

C xxx

Monday 9 November 2015

Little Highland Cow

I love Highland cows - I think they are super sweet and adorable! Cows probably aren't the first animal that come to mind when you're thinking about cute animals, but their big eyes are just so lovely and they seem so friendly; they are definitely underrated! What animal do you find unusually cute? 

C xxx

Friday 6 November 2015

Forest Fox Familiar

Here is last week's Colour Collective and the selected colour was the very Halloweeny 'Apricot' which I was super happy about! I had already created a bunch of Halloween illustrations so I wanted to do something a little different with this. I still added some little flame totems as a nod to the holiday though - they are kinda creepy but in a cute way! 

C xxx

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Squirrel Nutkin

Does anybody remember reading 'The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin' when you were younger? I used to love all of the Beatrix Potter stories but this was one of my favourites! Red squirrels are just beautiful; I've even created a little acorn house for these cuties to live in, I imagine it's pretty snug in there. 

C xxx

Monday 2 November 2015

Free Printable: November Calendar

Sorry I'm a little late with this free calendar! It's only a couple of days though so it's not too bad. Feel free to print it out if you like! 

C xxx

Friday 30 October 2015

Celestial Kitten

Here is last week's Colour Collective piece based on the colour 'Dark Sky Blue'. I decided to take a little inspiration from ancient Egypt, and of course, had to feature another kitten! 

Happy Halloween!

C xxx

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Madame Leota

Today's spooky offering is based on one of my all time favourite Disney rides, The Haunted Mansion. If you're not familiar with the ride, then the lady in the crystal ball is Madame Leota, the mansions resident psychic medium. She calls on all the spirits of the house and soon after, the ghosts materialise and you can see them going about their business! Have you ever been on this ride? My favourite part is the 'Stretching Room'. 

C xxx

Monday 26 October 2015

Kitten Fang

Halloween is almost here and everyone needs a cute kitten familiar, but not everyone is allowed a pet, so instead you can have this digital version - Kitten Fang! Have you got any plans for Halloween this year? Are you going to any parties or do you prefer to stay at home?

C xxx

Friday 23 October 2015

The Rose and her Daughter

Here is last week's Colour Collective based on the beautiful colour, 'Indian Red'. I was inspired by the Golden Afternoon song in Alice in Wonderland and decided to draw the Red Rose and turn little 'Bud' into her daughter instead. My boyfriend described her as a "rose princess" which sort of fits the bill! Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

C xxx

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Siamese Cats

I adore all cats, but Siamese cats are just so pretty! I feel like I've gone a bit cat crazy lately, and I have even more feline themed illustrations to share! I hope you're okay with that!

C xxx

Monday 19 October 2015

Alchemical Star Kittens

Some more silliness from Star Kitten! I made this because I was really keen on putting a black and white illustration together, and the alchemical symbols? I don't really know why I chose those but I thought they would fit well with the mystical theme. I need to start thinking about what I'm going to do with Star Kitten and I really have to find some inspiration for little adventures she can go on. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

C xxx

Friday 16 October 2015

Halloween Kittens

Halloween is almost here - yay! This is last week's Colour Collective and the selected colour was 'Russian Violet' which I thought would be perfect for a Halloween-themed illustration. Of course, it had to feature some sweet kittens and other spooky paraphernalia, including potion bottles and candles. I've decided that the little kittens are called Tara and Jade! I do have a couple more Halloween illustrations to share very soon, so look out for them if you enjoy this holiday.

C xxx

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Petal Puppy

Today I have this happy, little puppy to share with you. He likes playing in autumnal flowers and being silly. He doesn't have a name though, what should he be called? :)

C xxx

Monday 12 October 2015

Golden Afternoon

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Alice in Wonderland was one of my very favourite films growing up. I watched it countless times and never once got bored. I especially loved the scene when Alice finds herself amongst a whole host of flowers and they sing 'Golden Afternoon' - the little pansies were so adorable! I know they ended up being really mean, but I can't help but like them! Which characters do you like best from Alice in Wonderland?

C xxx

Friday 9 October 2015

Midnight Bugs

So, it's Friday which means it's Colour Collective time! Next week I have a really cute Halloween'y piece to share, but for now, here is last week's illustration. The colour was Cadmium Yellow Pale and I used it quite sparingly because I was a little unsure how to work with it/create a palette that would suit. This ended up being one of my most popular Colour Collective's though which was pretty cool! I'm usually quite freaked out by bugs, but these ones seem alright (except the wasp!). 

C xxx

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Party Chickens

Just a couple of cute chickens wearing party hats as they hang out in the yard.

C xxx

Monday 5 October 2015

Star Kitten at Lunchtime

I wonder if anyone remembers Star Kitten from a little while ago? Well, at the time a couple of people said they'd like to see her again in some different illustrations, so I've created a new one for her! This time she is preparing a bowl of soup for her lunch. I hope you're all having a good Monday so far; and if you have any other ideas for Star Kitten, just leave a comment! 

C xxx

Friday 2 October 2015

Royal Birds of Paradise

Here is last week's Colour Collective piece inspired by the colour 'Rose Tyrien' which totally made me think of GoT but then I realised a happy, bright pink might not totally fit in with that show! I decided to draw these cute birds of paradise instead. 

C xxx

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Free Printable: October Calendar

Here is your free calendar for October! Please feel free to print it and enjoy! 

C xxx