Friday 19 September 2014

Lynn and her Lion

This is a private commission I recently completed for a lovely lady called Lynn. She doesn't currently have a blog but is looking to start one up in the future based around book publishing - I really hope she does as I think it would be interesting reading! Lynn's concept was quite simple but really sweet. She wanted to be hugging a big Aslan-like lion wearing a cute autumn inspired outfit with colours to reflect the season. I suggested adding a few autumn leaves on the ground to complete the scene. 

Lynn was brilliant to work with and I'm so happy that she chose to commission me! I'd be delighted to collaborate with her again in the future. 

I also wish I had the green dress from the portrait!

C xxx

Monday 15 September 2014

Artists I Love: Oana Befort

I came across Oana's work quite some time ago, and was immediately drawn to the vibrant, lush colours and floral motifs that Oana includes in most of her pieces. Her work makes me want to dig my watercolours out again! 

Her work is so beautifully detailed, just look at the first bouquet illustration. There is a lot going on there, but it doesn't look overly 'busy'. I love the variety of flowers she has chosen; it really reminds me of hot summer days. 

You can view more of Oana's delightful work on her website, or buy prints/bags/shirts on her Society6 store!

C xxx

Friday 12 September 2014


More pixel art today! Again, this is pretty much the result of an experiment. It's actually fairly fun to make these, as you don't have to worry so much about precision. 

This illustration is based on an MMO called Wildstar which I've been playing recently. If you guys like it, I could do some more based on the planets in our solar system. Just drop me a comment if you'd be interested in seeing those! 

C xxx

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Digital Sketch #1

Nothing fancy at all, just a bit of a practise sketch! I tried to create this really quickly so I didn't stop and think too much about what I was doing. This is something I really struggle with because I work digitally - everything is usually so precise and I spend a lot of time looking at little details, trying to make sure they are perfect. It's nice to explore other ways of working in Photoshop from time to time! 

I must just say, if you are looking to start illustrating etc, you really don't have to shell out on PS, there are plenty of other free applications you can try. Krita and GIMP spring to mind and include many of the same features as PS. Give them a try! 

C xxx

Monday 8 September 2014

Artists I Love: Drew Wise!

I mentioned Drew very briefly in a previous post, but I really thought his artwork deserved a post all of it's own! Look at the pixelly goodness! 

I really adore the attention to detail, from the fonts to the colours - everything is just so. The Hodor illustration is brilliant, even though this idea has been used so frequently, I think it really works as a retro game. 

All of these designs are available to buy on shirts (as far as I know) and they'd make awesome gifts. 

You can catch up with Drew on his tumblr blog to find out a little more! 

C xxx

Thursday 4 September 2014

Back Soon!

Just a little announcement to say that I'll be away from the internet/social media/my blog until the 20th! I've scheduled a few posts in the meantime though, so I hope they'll do until I return. I'll try my best to reply to emails if I get the chance, but I won't be able to do any commissions during this time! I'll catch up with all of your awesome blog posts as soon as I can. 

See you soon! 

C xxx

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Master of Whisperers

Another GoT poster for you! My inspiration for this illustration were typical, sleazy gossip mags - I stole the Loras and Renly headline from Look I think (although it might have actually been about Cheryl Cole - who knows!). The timeline is a bit of a mashup but I haven't included any spoiler so there's that. 

I don't know what to make of the severed hand pendant really - I just wanted to include something a bit absurd! 

I have Littlefinger and Davos posters all planned out so hopefully I'll be able to work on them soon. 

C xxx