Thursday 31 July 2014

A Gift for Jennie!

I've been working on some gift ideas lately ranging from wedding invitations to personalised anniversary illustrations etc and I decided to ask Jennie if I could create one for her as an example. Jennie was happy for me to create anything, all she asked for was that the year '2008' was incorporated somewhere.
Although I knew I would have to include a little sailboat somewhere to reflect the title of Jennie's blog! 

Get in touch if you'd like to commission me to create something similar for you!

C xxx

Thursday 24 July 2014

Learning with Jon Snow

Here is the Jon Snow poster I promised! I have plans for a couple of other Game of Thrones posters, so I really hope you like it. I want a free Ghost plush in real life!

C xxx

Sunday 20 July 2014

Autumn the Puppy

Here is the newest pup in my little collection! I spied this cutie on Pinterest and knew I had to draw her. Let me know if there are any other breeds you'd like me to illustrate and I'll see what I can do. D'aww! 

C xxx

Thursday 17 July 2014


I wonder if any of you are Star Trek fans? If not, feel free to ignore this post! I've been watching Deep Space Nine recently and decided to illustrate one of my favourite characters, Quark! Quark's sheer awesomeness really makes the show 100x better. Plus, I love Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder in Buffy too - so underrated! I really want to make some more posters in this style; I've actually sketched out a Jon Snow inspired one already. I hope you like! 

C xxx

Sunday 13 July 2014

Etsy Finds: July


Another round of Etsy finds to share with you all! I really love browsing through Etsy and could probably spend many hours finding amazing things - it was hard to choose just nine items for this collage! 

I've featured one of Josie's cute handmade cards from her new store, Frojo Designs. I'm so happy that Josie has decided to sell on Etsy, I really hope it takes off for her. Also, who doesn't appreciate a Clueless quote! 

I can't get over how beautiful the feather print scarf is too - I think it's actually on back order now because of how popular it's been. It's easy to see why! I think it's one of those pieces that you'd end up treasuring forever. 

I included the fun, floral temporary tattoo as I think it would make an awesome compliment to any festival outfit.

Oh, and the Milky Way top! I've been watching Cosmos recently and I love this quote.

C xxx

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Thursday 10 July 2014

Dinosaurs (& Friends!)

This is one of those random illustrations that just pops into your head one day, so you decide to try and draw it out and see how it goes! I truly hope I've spelt all of the names correctly!

I've always said that triceratops is my favourite dinosaur, which is yours?

C xxx

Tuesday 8 July 2014

A Blogger for Every Month: Winnipeg Style

This months blogger is the amazing Rebecca who blogs over at Winnipeg Style! I decided to choose her for July, as I've never seen a more colourful collection of outfits on any other blog, so I thought she would represent this summer month perfectly. Rebecca seriously has the best collection of bags and accessories too - I don't know where she finds such diverse and unique pieces! Her blog is always a joy to browse through and I never get bored of her stunning outfits. 

If you'd like me to draw you as part of this series, drop me a comment below and I'll see what I can do! 

C xxx