Wednesday 29 February 2012

Guest Post - Jackie Clark

A short while ago, Jackie from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance asked if I would be interested in her writing a guest post for my blog. I, of course, said absolutely. Jackie has written a piece on the positive affects of fashion on women who are suffering from cancer. Here is her article.

'Your Beauty Is Stronger Than Everything'

You are beautiful. Maybe it is something that you hear all the time from the ones you love, maybe from those who don't mean it, like media and advertising. Whether you hear it all too often or not enough, it is true. Repetition or the feeling of cliché can’t change the truth. You are beautiful.

Your beauty is unique, one of a kind. There is no one like you in the entire world, and that is a special source of beauty that displays itself in each of your strengths and quirks. It is especially important for you to remember this when you discover you have cancer. Whether you are facing a prognosis as rare as mesothelioma cancer or one that thousands of women have gone through, like breast cancer, you can become incredibly vulnerable and discouraged. It is essential for you to keep up your confidence so that you are strong enough to fight. Acknowledging and believing in your inherent beauty will give you the power to overcome your obstacles.

The best way to remind yourself that you are a lovely, special person is to tell your mirror that you are beautiful. Dressing well will keep you feeling good about yourself and provide you the armor you need for your battle. When you feel beautiful, you will have one less thing to drag you down. Knowing you look great will brighten the dullest day. Fashion has a secret power of healing and empowerment, so make the most of it.

Dress in classy, fashionable styles that make you feel gorgeous. Don't try to follow every trend, but pick the ones you feel great in. Take a look at the outfits that brought you the most compliments. These colors and shapes probably flatter you the most, so steer towards similar styles. Pick skirts and dresses over jeans or slacks or shorts. Femininity is a vast well of power and strength, not to mention much more fun! Wear lots and lots of colors. What is the point of life if not to enjoy color? Color also has an undeniable ability to change your moods. Wearing dark colors will make you more discouraged than going through your day in red or yellow or soft blue. Indulge yourself with your favorite niche of fashion, whether it is shoes, purses, really great manicures or the perfectly fitted jeans.

Above all, don't become a slave to your wardrobe, but make it your servant, skilled at showing the world that you know you are beautiful, that you know you are strong, that you know you are a winner. Cancer can steal your physical strength and beauty, but it can't take what really matters, your inner beauty.

If you would like to find out more, then please click here.

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I'd like to thank Jackie for getting in touch with me, and writing this informative piece.


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