Saturday 31 March 2012

My First Giveaway Win!

(sorry about the quality of photo's - I'm not very good with a camera!)

I just wanted to show you guys the lovely prizes I won from Milly's recent give-away. She writes a great blog called Mini Adventures, and I would recommend checking it out! Milly posts wish lists, outfit posts, and make-up reviews - basically all the things I love reading about! 

Anyway, I really love all of my prizes. I got a gorgeous bronze coloured charm bracelet, and some Ed Hardy body lotion which smells lovely. Milly even included a cute little postcard which I have displayed on my coffee table at the moment.

I hope you will all pop over to Milly's blog and have a look. 



  1. Aww you got such lovely prices! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway hun! xxx

  2. What a cute prize, congrats! xxx

  3. awww congrats! dont you love the feeling when you know you've been chosen to be the winner? xx

  4. congrats!
    amazing blog!

  5. I love winning blog giveaways. COngrats! Looks like some very cool prizes.


  6. Well done! :)
    I've never won a giveaway :( haha x

  7. Congrats cute bracelet!

    Hey i just restarted my blog follow back?