Sunday 13 July 2014

Etsy Finds: July


Another round of Etsy finds to share with you all! I really love browsing through Etsy and could probably spend many hours finding amazing things - it was hard to choose just nine items for this collage! 

I've featured one of Josie's cute handmade cards from her new store, Frojo Designs. I'm so happy that Josie has decided to sell on Etsy, I really hope it takes off for her. Also, who doesn't appreciate a Clueless quote! 

I can't get over how beautiful the feather print scarf is too - I think it's actually on back order now because of how popular it's been. It's easy to see why! I think it's one of those pieces that you'd end up treasuring forever. 

I included the fun, floral temporary tattoo as I think it would make an awesome compliment to any festival outfit.

Oh, and the Milky Way top! I've been watching Cosmos recently and I love this quote.

C xxx

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  1. I love Josie's cards, I can't wait to give Sam the Lana Del Rey one when the moment suits! ;) CARLY. I am now 100% buying a scarf. Maybe on payday or the one after but I neeeeed one in my life. I really like the dark coloured ones! WAH. Customs put me off but it must be done...

    Tara xo

    1. I really love them too! Eeeeek, I hope you do because I know it would look amazing on you! They are so, so pretty :) xxx

  2. Ahh the UP necklace is so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Josie's card is cute! I've found Etsy is very good too! xxx

  4. Great finds! I love Josie's cards too and that little Up inspired necklace is so cute :) xx

  5. Josie is doing such an amazing job with the cards!! The house necklace is adorable, it reminds me so much of UP! My boyfriend loves watching Cosmos too, for me it's quite overwhelming sometimes though... xxx

  6. oh the second necklace ! I love it xD I would be really honored if you could put some of my Wall Prints in this kind of post on your blog. My Etsy Shop if you are intrested:


  7. I love Josie's cards too, her style is so sweet! I think I just fell in love with this whole list, but I need a scarf... and a hedgehog ear cuff.. and the Up necklace!!! I love adding things to my Etsy wishlist, it's so huge haha :) xxx

  8. That scarf is so gorgeous! I've been seeing those temp tattoos and I neeeeed. So pretty

  9. My favourite is definitely the balloon and house necklace. That is too adorable for words, really want it.

  10. I love etsy:))
    Keep in touch xoxo

  11. Thank you SO much for the mention Carly, it was so kind of you! I'm absolutely in love with the necklace, Up is one of my fave films xxx

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