Thursday 16 October 2014

Palm Ghosts for Amelia's Magazine

This is another little illustration I produced to accompany an article for Amelia's Magazine. I was really pleased that Amelia asked me to contribute again so I hope I did the piece justice! The article is an interview with Palm Ghosts/Joseph Lekkas and I based my illustration on the song 'Canaries in the Mine'. If you want to read the interview, you can do so here

I think my creation is pretty straightforward given the name of the song aha! I do have some happier illustration planned though, never fear. 

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my previous few posts. These last few weeks have been really quite stressful and they do cheer me up a bit! 

C xxx


  1. I love this piece. The colors are gorgeous and I love how you used the geometric look. Checking out the interview right now!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been experimenting with geometric art just lately so hopefully I'll work it into a few more pieces :) I hope you like it! xx

  2. Congratulations on the piece! I hope you see less stressful days dear. Love how you worked with shapes, and the colors are perfect.

  3. Oh wow I love these, the geometric design is amazing. Also how gorgeous is your new blog design?! I LOVE it xxx

  4. Congratulation Carly! Another amazing work to go! xxx

  5. I LOVE your new Geometric style! It is amazing. Your new header is stunning!

    Em x