Wednesday 6 May 2015

Secret 7" X Let Forever Be

I'm really excited that I'm finally able to share this image! Earlier in the year I decided that I'd submit work to the annual Secret 7 show, not really thinking that I stood a chance of being chosen - but luckily I was! If you're not familiar with Secret 7, it's an annual charity event, in which 7 songs by 7 artists are pressed 100 times onto vinyl, artists from around the world are then invited to interpret the songs their own way and design a sleeve cover for their chosen track. The sleeves are then put on display before they are finally sold for £50 each, the buyers don't know what the chosen track is until they purchase a sleeve, that's why it's called Secret 7! This year the exhibition was especially exciting as it was held at Somerset House in London, which was a really beautiful location for the show. You can find out more about Secret 7 and see all of the others works here

C xxx


  1. Wow, what a cool idea and for a great cause! I love the sailboat. ;)

    Tara x

  2. This is super cute! I will never get bored of seeing your artwork.

    Em x