Friday 8 July 2016

Little Sprite

Here is last week's Colour Collective illustration! The chosen colour was 'Cinnabar Green Deep' - really tricky. I honestly wasn't sure what to draw and was pressed for time so I decided to just illustrate something really simple. 

C xxx


  1. This is actually really beautiful. Love the colours :) - Becky x

  2. Utterly, utterly mesmerised by Little Sprite, the colours are just so rich and deep and eye-catchingly stunning. Just looking at them makes my eyes resemble a scene at The Northern Lights, so transfixed by this beautiful illustration they are! I seem to always use the words magical, transfixing, mesmerising and mesmeric in my comments to you Carly and that's because they sum up you and your infinite talent and works of art so very well. I'm forever in awe of you gorgeous girl! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo