Tuesday 6 February 2018


C xxx


  1. This is so lovely, C! I'm OBSESSED with crystals, especially Amethyst!

    T x

    1. Thank you so much T! <3 I really love opals and moonstones! xxx

  2. This is utter magic gorgeous Carly, when I saw this I did a double take so dazzled by these enchanting crystals was I! I'm in love with the way you've brought these to life, you've captured the colours and cut so perfectly. Pure dreaminess, I don't think anyone could illustrate crystals like you, it's such a majestic masterpiece and one (like all your other illustrations) to be so very proud of! Totally in love :)

    It probably sounds a bit sad but I've been looking up crystals recently to learn more about them, I just find them fascinating! There's something so enchanting, calming and soothing about them. They really are what dreams are made of! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo