Wednesday 8 April 2015

Children's Alphabet A-D

I decided to make a children's alphabet poster and I'll be posting the separate letters as I complete them until I have the finished poster assembled! Let me know if you have any ideas for illustrations that can represent each letter! 

C xxx


  1. SO CUTEEEE! I love the balloon <3

  2. What a neat idea lovely!! Do you mind if I use these in my classes? I think the kids would love it and they'll even be more excited if I tell them that the person who illustrates these is my friend and from England eheh xxx <3

    1. Of course you can use them! Feel free <3 Maybe you could do your own project and have them illustrate words - you could make a little display! xxx

  3. AWW! So cute. B is my favourite. :D

    Tara x