Wednesday 21 October 2015

Siamese Cats

I adore all cats, but Siamese cats are just so pretty! I feel like I've gone a bit cat crazy lately, and I have even more feline themed illustrations to share! I hope you're okay with that!

C xxx


  1. They sure are! And having one myself I'm always super excited to see artists make them:) Although mine's not the color most people think of when they think Siamese, so it's rare to find a real look-a-like.

    Anyway, this is beautiful! And yes, bring on the cats! ;)

  2. Definitely ok with you sharing cats, it's your blog after all ;) Another lovely piece! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Such beautiful kitties! I can't help but think of the Disney song. ♥

    Tara xx

  4. This is beautiful! Your designs are always lovely! Share whatever makes you happy! :D

    Best Regards,
    Angelina Stroumpouli