Monday 15 August 2016


Here is a little fan art I made for the new Pokemon Sun & Moon game. I've added some Pokemon constellations to Lunala's wings but I think it's basically impossible to tell what they are now (even for me!).

C xxx 


  1. So stunningly beautiful Carly, I love the majestically galvanising Lunala's wings, such a rich shade of purple and the moons are just simply gorgeous too :) The sun and moon game sounds so cute and right up my street. Anything with magical symbols always gets my vote and I really believe that instead of catching Pokemon, people should be out catching your stunning talent and broadcasting it to the world! Utter magic as always my beauty <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Aaw, thank you sweet Sophie! That is such a wonderful comment to receive :) I'm ever so happy that you like this! ♥♥♥