Saturday 16 February 2013


This is a little illustration I finished a couple of days ago, inspired by candy and sugary sweet innocence. I really enjoyed working on this piece, it includes most of the things I like, sweets, lace, and pink hair! I've been reading The Liveship Trader's trilogy lately, and for some reason this girl reminds me of a hipster version of Malta Vestrit! If you haven't read those books, then I would thoroughly recommend them. 

Here is the second instalment of 'Inspired by' - hope you guys like it! 

1 & 2. Kola Kubes and Chocolate Limes, Aquarterof, roughly £2.47 for 250g. I used to love getting a bag of Kola Kubes and I haven't had any in ages! So yummy though, I love the chewy centre. Chocolate Limes seem more widely available, and again they are incredibly addictive, a bag doesn't last too long with me. If, like me, you love old fashioned sweets then check out 'A quarter of' for all your sugary needs! Alternatively if you have a market in your town, you could always pop in to see if they have a sweet stall, all the prices are usually ridiculously cheap. 

3. Tea Rose Headband, Crown and Glory, £15. Last time I featured a straw hat, so this time I thought I would choose a floral crown for some variety. Of course when I think of floral crowns the first shop to come to mind is Crown and Glory. There are so many to choose from, but I think this dainty band is my favourite. I love the pastel colours of the roses. 

4. Whole Lotta Rosie headband, Crown and Glory, £20. I also spotted this lovely band on the Crown and Glory site and immediately knew I had to feature it! The rich colour of the roses is perfect for summer or winter, and I think it is just a lovely statement piece. 

5. Cameo Rose cream lace dress, New Look, £14.99. I love this type of dress, but sadly cream is a no no for me as I know I would ruin it in the wash! However, I think it would be a cute Summer dress paired with little ankle socks, and £15 is very reasonable too. 

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C xxx


  1. LOVE the illustration, so pretty! and I also love the tea rose headband!:) xx

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

    1. Aaw, yes the headband is so sweet :) xxx

  2. Oh so lovelies illustrations!


  3. I love this illustration! because the color. hehe :D

  4. So lovely! If I had a hat covered in sweets I would die a happy person. Why are your illustrations so good? You are so talented!

    Em x