Tuesday 4 November 2014

Amelia's Magazine Kickstarter Campaign: 'That Which We Do Not Understand'

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me posting some sneak peeks of the illustration I created as part of Amelia's open illustration & creative writing brief 'That Which We Do Not Understand'. If you're not familiar with Amelia's Magazine, then please do check it out! If you love art, music, illustration and all sorts of creative endeavours then it's a site I'm sure you'll adore. 

If you're already a fan, then you'll know that this year is Amelia's Magazines 10th anniversary. Amelia has already released two stunning anthologies of illustration and art, and to celebrate this special anniversary she is trying to create a brand new volume. In addition to the book, Amelia will also be offering some stunning limited edition prints - how exciting! There's still a little time to contribute work if you're an artist or a writer, click here to find out more about the brief. 

'Moon Rabbits'
I'm really excited that my submission has been chosen to feature in the book! The inspiration for my piece is based on the folklore tale of the 'Moon Rabbit'. There's quite a few versions of the story as it's popular in a couple of cultures - I've put my own sort of spin on it though. My idea represents a rabbit who wants to journey to visit the moon goddess and as it gets closer to her, it becomes part of a constellation so that it can always be with her. 

This project really means a lot to me, as it's the first time I've had the chance to be published in an anthology! I've been working really hard lately on refining my style, so it'd be great if more people got the chance to see my work. I've followed Amelia's Magazine for quite some time and it's always been a source of inspiration to me so it's incredibly exciting to get a chance to be part of it! 

Anyway, I suppose I should explain a little more about the Kickstarter project and all of the goodies you can receive if you decide to pledge. You can pledge as little as £5 or as much as £1000 - so there really is something for everyone! The main goodies are the limited edition art book and prints - these are very special as the book will have gold spot printing on every page and the prints will have details of real gold leaf. If you'd like an example of how it will work, all of the gold portions of my illustration above will be made with gold spot printing; I think that it will look so unusual and pretty.
In addition to the new art book and prints, you can also pledge for limited edition art postcards, rare copies of Amelia's Magazine, lovely t-shirts as well as some of Amelia's other illustration books. By pledging for prints, you're really helping these artists out as they will receive 50% of the profits which I think is fantastic.

If you're a fan of my work and are looking for some amazing Christmas gifts for art lovers, then please do take a look at the Kickstarter campaign page here. If you pledge early you can pick up a copy of the limited edition book for just £15! 

I think that's pretty much it! Please do let me know if you decide to purchase the book/prints, and I usually hate to ask for favours, but if you could tweet with a link to this post then I'd be super grateful. 

C xxx


  1. Congrats Carly, this is so exciting!! I absolutely love your illustration and I'll try to find the folklore tale online because I've never heard about it before, maybe it would be a nice story to tell my kids at school! xxx

    1. Yes, definitely! Let me know what they think of the story :) Thank you lovely <3 xxx

  2. It's so pretty! And I'm not saying it because it's what You should say in Your comment. It really is beautiful and I really love the idea of 'Moon Rabbit' :)