Wednesday 12 November 2014


"She walks in starlight in another world."

The new Hobbit movie will be hitting our screens soon (yay!) so in honor of that I decided to create an illustration inspired by Tauriel. I was a little dubious of her at first, but she quickly became one of my favourites - she's just great! I'm really glad they decided to create her character for the franchise.

So anyway, for my illustration I took inspiration from Kili's quote "She walks in starlight in another world" but I also wanted it to be a little different and unexpected. I've used a limited palette (I'll stop talking about this soon, I promise!) and lots of space/galaxy elements. 

Are you a Hobbit/Tauriel fan too?

C xxx


  1. Can't wait to see the last movie. Although I must admit I'm not Tauriel's biggest fan, but she' slowing growing on me each time I watch the movie. Another lovely piece of work. :)
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