Thursday 28 March 2013

Golden Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter, bunnies!

I actually find it a little bit sad to eat the Lindt bunnies, I'd much rather have a real one instead (not to eat, just as a pet!). 

C xxx


  1. Aww you could live in our house - my daughter is still refusing to eat her 2 Lindt bunnies and a Thorntons chick and she also wants some real pet bunnies! (She's 6, daddy said no as he thinks the dog will scare it. Mummy is still secretly trying to figure out how we can get some lol). Love the images! Would you mind if I used some on my beauty student blog? I would of course direct link to here and have credit listed under the image?

    1. Aha - it just seems like such a shame to eat them! They are far too adorable, with the little bell and everything. Yes, of course! That's absolutely fine. xxx