Monday 29 July 2013

Blog Award: A Ribbon of Affection

I'm sure you are all very familiar with the various 'blog awards' that get passed around these days, such as the Liebster for example. I'm all for these types of awards, but I'm starting to think they are getting a little generic and thoughtless - I'm not very keen on the strict rules and having to pass them on to so many bloggers as I don't think that's particularly personal or friendly. 

With all of this in mind, I decided it might be a fun idea to start a blog award of my own. The idea came to me when I was thinking about some of the sweet and lovely friends I've made through blogging and how I could let them know how much I appreciate them and their support! I don't expect this to become a huge deal, I don't even know what you guys will think of it, but I hope you will like the idea behind it at the very least! 

So, this is basically my award! I decided to call it 'A Ribbon of Affection' because it pretty much sums up what I want the award to be about. I don't want to make too many 'rules' and I want people to be able to adapt them to suit themselves. 

Loose Guidelines

I was hoping that instead of awarding a new blog, or a blog with under 200 followers or any of that hooplah, you award a blogger you really admire. I like the idea of awarding your 'blogger pals' and the people who inspire you. It's just a little way of letting them know how awesome you think they are! 

If you decide to pass this award on, I was thinking you could maybe list five or so reasons why you love that blogger and how you became friends in the first place. This doesn't have to be in the typical list format, it can just be one big paragraph - whatever you prefer! Why does their blog inspire you so much and why should everyone else check out their blog too? Again, this is just a general idea! You can really chat about anything you want.

You can also nominate whoever you would like! If you have 5 very close friends, then you can pass the award on to all of them. 

So to start things off, here are the special blogger's I would like to award. 

Tara of The Style Rawr

I only discovered The Style Rawr this year and it's quickly become one of my favourite blogs to read! Tara in particular has been amazingly sweet to me, she always supports my artwork and she's just given me a real boost! I think she's probably one of the most genuine blogger's around, she always makes time for her readers which can be such a rare thing these days. I also adore Tara's style - she has a serious love of maxi dresses and Wildfox, and she always looks flippin' immaculate (even in insanely hot weather conditions - kudos!). She's just a bit of a cutie really and I can't tell you how much her sweet comments mean to me!

I think lots of you will agree with this choice, as Jennie is surely one of the loveliest blogger's around! I actually think Sailboat is one of the first ever blogs I followed, and I've never stopped reading. Jennie has been so unbelievably kind to me, I was actually a little shy to speak to her to start with because I really look up to her as a blogger, but I needn't have been! She's been so supportive of me and my illustrations, and always makes the time to comment on my blog posts which is so appreciated. The one thing I really love about Jennie is that she is so honest and relatable, her lifestyle posts are my absolute favourites and I never tire of reading her thoughts and insight. 
I also love how caring she is and how much she clearly loves her pets! I'm very envious of her little bunny Ralphie - I wish I could have one of my own. 

Marta is amazing really. I've been friends with her for such a long time now and we're always emailing each other about how things are going etc. Marta inspires me because she is never afraid of trying new things and experimenting with her blog. I really adore the vlogs that she makes, I think she comes across so so well and you can see how genuine she really is. She's honestly one of the most thoughtful people I have ever come across, she quite often sends me sweet gifts all the way from Portugal and I treasure each and every one! Marta has supported me right from the start really, and that means so much so I'll be forever grateful for that. I especially love her lifestyle posts/vlogs about what she's been up to lately, oh and not to mention her cute cat Lily who oftens appears in her videos! I really hope that a lot of you will pop over to her blog because she's honestly a blogger who is very deserving of your time, she's a genuinely lovely girl and I hope she continues to be successful and happy!

I really hope you've enjoyed this post, I really loved writing about my blog pals - but I also just wanted to say that I appreciate all of my followers! I never take it for granted that you've taken the time to have a look at my little blog and leave me such amazing comments!

Let me know what you think of this blog award idea. 

C xxx

P.S. Please feel free to use this award if you would like to 'gift' it to any of your own blog friends! Please let me know if you decide to do a post so I can have a peek. 


  1. Oh Carly!! :O I am so touched. This is definitely the best award a girl could win - thank you! You really are the cutest and you're insanely talented, I do mean that from the bottom of my Rawr girl heart. I'm so glad I came across your blog and I can't wait until I hang something of yours in a frame.

    I want to squeeze you! :) xo

    P.S As if I ever look immaculate bahahaha. I want your mermaid hair.

    1. Aaw, I'm glad you like it! I'm so happy that you came across my blog too and that you like my little illustrations - your support and comments mean the absolute world to me! You always cheer me up ridiculous amounts, you're so sweet and adorable <3

      You always look fabulous, seriously! I need to get in on the maxi dress action I think ahaha. xxx

  2. What a fabulous idea Carly! I completely agree that some of the blog awards are a little generic and this is definitely a better way to show fellow bloggers some appreciation :D

    Mollie xo

    1. Ah, thank you so much Mollie! Your feedback is always most welcome. I was hoping that people would like the idea behind it :) xxx

  3. Aww Carly it turned out SO well, I told you it would be an amazing award! And you just made me cry here, this really warmed my heart! Can't wait to write my Ribbon of Affection Award! xxx <3

    1. Aaw! Thank you so much Marta. You were a big inspiration for me. I can't wait to see your post and thank you for being such a lovely person! xxx

  4. What a lovely idea! Gotta be the cutest blog award around. I love these bloggers as well, not only are their blogs fab they're all such sweeties! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Josie! I agree, they are all such sweet people! I think they all deserve to do so well :) xxx

  5. What a sweet idea, and I love the design for the award :)

  6. This is the sweetest idea :) and your blog is the cutest!
    Definitely have to follow you now :) I know what you mean about it being lovely to make other blogger friends!! :)
    Lots of love!

  7. Aww gosh, you are an absolute sweetheart! I think this is the cutest blog award ever and I'm super excited to pass it on! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Wah, thank you all so much - I'm glad you think it is cute! Your comments mean so much to me!

    Jennie - I can't wait to see who you pass it on to! <3 xxx

  9. This is such a sweet idea <3 I love Jennie and will check out these bloggers xx

  10. This is such a nice idea! Love it :) x

  11. this is such an amazing idea Carly! also very cute award design :D xx